Vision Statement

We are a Christian community of neighbours, friends, and families longing to see God’s transformational power through our lives to our neighbourhood, our city, and our world. We believe all are welcome to God’s table, wherever you are at on your faith journey.  

We gather regularly in homes based in Acton to eat together, pray, worship, and discover more of God's heart.


Our Vision

The Table

Throughout Jesus' life, he often sat with people, eating, drinking, and sharing life together around the table. At TCC, the table is central to our identity. It is a place of welcome where we join together as family.

The Lampstand

Jesus once said, we don't light a lamp to just hide it under a basket. Instead, we put it on a stand to shine light to all. In the midst of loneliness and isolation, we want to make it easy for people to find God and discover His love. Everything we do is centred on building connection with God and each other, whether that's our neighbourhood coffee stand in West Acton, our biweekly dinners, games nights, and more.

The Train Station

Following Jesus is an adventure. Sometimes we are called to explore and discover new places. Our hope as a church is to equip Christians to share the Gospel wherever Jesus calls them, whether that's in London or elsewhere.